Our stainless steel Marine Safety Cable in 6mm diameter is made specially to be used together with the surfinlock. It is covered with an additional white protection coating. It is looped on one end but the magic is the special end terminal on the other end. This unique cable end part, also manufactured out of the best stainless steel in Germany, is made to fit perfectly through the surfinlock. Due to this particular cable construction it is possible to lock many surfboards, or other equipment, together. The Marine Safety Cable has a very good strength / weight ratio - light and flexible enough for traveling but still strong against theft. We also manufacture the cable in all desired lengths upon request.



  • Marine Safety Cable in selected length


Have a look at our FAQ about how to keep stainless steel stainless.



Marine Safety Cable 6mm

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  • Find detailed specifications, features, care instructions and more info in our surfinlock specs PDF.