We recommend the Tikal Tef-Gel for the padlock as a maintenance lubricant and anti-corrosion agent, especially if it is used in a saltwater environment. More info about metals and saltwater can be found in our FAQ section and in the Specs document.


You can get the Tef-Gel in a mini-package (around 0.5g), which is sufficient for around 3 times greasing or in the standard tube (10g).


Anti-Corrosion Tef-Gel (for padlock maintenance)

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VAT Included
  • Tef-Gel® which is produced in Germany by TIKAL
    MARINE SYSTEMS, is a watertight, PTFE-based paste
    which can be used universally. It prevents metal from
    blooming and protects reliably against corrosion by
    means of galvanic currents between different types
    of metal.
    Tef-Gel® GEL can also be used as a seawater-resistant
    lubricant and for sealing purposes to prevent water
    from penetrating.
    Always use Tef-Gel® with your screws, bolts and
    rivets, and everything can be easily taken apart again
    even after intensive use in seawater. The same applies
    to the protection of turnbuckles against rusting.
    Tef-Gel® is used in the boat industry, automotive industry,
    in aviation and aerospace and wherever parts
    have to be protected from corrosion.
    Tef-Gel® is not harmful to your health and has no
    danger markings.

    More info: https://www.tikal-online.de/en/

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