Get the bundle with everything you need to lock your board, save some €uros and profit from a nice linen bag to pack it all together!


This bundle combines all essential surfinlock products in one package. It is made for boards that work with FCS I or FCS II fins (see FAQ). The special design of our stainless steel security cable makes it fast and easy to fix your board anywhere you want and to make use of the full cable length. If you decide to lock more than just one surfboard - no problem, this package is easily extendable. Just get more surfinlocks and fix all your boards one by one with just a single Marine Safety Cable and padlock. This wouldn't be possible with a standard double loop cable and lock.


The packages exist in different versions:

  • S: with 1 x surfinlock & Prime Padlock & 1.4m Marine Safety Cable
  • M: with 1 x surfinlock & Prime Padlock & 2.4m Marine Safety Cable



  • 1 x surfinlock (FCS I & II)
  • S-bend carabiner
  • Fin key
  • Longlife fin screw
  • Marine Safety Cable (length depending on package)
  • Prime Padlock
  • Linen bag
  • Button
  • Board-sticker

surfinlock original (FCS I & II) bundle S & M

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  • Find detailed specifications, features, care instructions and more info in our surfinlock specs PDF.