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FAQ (deutsche Version in Bearbeitung)

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  • Is the surfinlock a 100% protection against surfboard theft?
    It would be nice, but unfortunately no lock or safety mechanism like any bike lock, door lock, car lock, etc. is unbreakable. It just depends on the tools and criminal energy of the thieves. This also holds true for the surfinlock and all associated components. However, the surfinlock decreases immensely the risk of board theft. And keep in mind that „opportunity makes a thief“ and with a surfinlock this opportunity will be practically eliminated. Also think, which thief would make the effort to go for a well-locked surfboard if much easier unlocked prey is around everywhere? So no more worries, relax and enjoy your surftrip!
  • A surfboard has many fin plugs, which ones are best used for the surfinlock?"
    The surfinlock is optimized for center thruster fin plugs and rear quad fin plugs (FCS I, FCS II or compatible). Therefore, if you have a 3-fin thruster - use the plugs for the center fin. If you have a 4-fin quad - use the plugs for the rear fins. If you 5-fin hybrid board - it's your choice, use the center or rear fin plugs. If you have a 2-fin twin board, use the left or right plug (logical, somehow) and read below. More details: The surfinlock is engineered for perfect function with 0° to 5° fin plugs. Some outer side fins can be inclined up to 9° and in combination with a distinct board shape the movable part of the surfinlock could touch the board. That wouldn't be perfect and that’s why we recommend the center or rear quad plugs. However, on almost all boards the surfinlock works fine with all available plugs. If you have a twin 2-fin board, it’s possible to have just two 9° plugs. So far the surfinlock worked perfectly with all twin boards we tested. And if it won't, which we don't expect, we give you a full refund. PS: The angle is normally written inside the fin plug.
  • Can I use the surfinlock with different padlocks and/or safety cables?
    Yes of course, you don't need to use our Marine Safety Cable and padlock if you already have one. However, our products fit perfectly together. For example, if you have a safety cable with two looped ends you can fix only one surfboard at a time and not many surfboards with one cable (unless you use several padlocks). If you use your own padlock / safety cable consider the maximal shackle diameter. The security hole in the surfinlock is 10,5mm. If you use your lock in combination with our Marine Safety Cable, the security hole there is 6,1mm. We recommend a shackle diameter of 5mm.
  • Do I have to use the supplied extra fin screw, or can I use my own?"
    No, you don't have to use the extra screw - it is a spare screw and the surfinlock works as well with every ordinary fin screw. Our screw is an add on to make your package complete but also has some advantages to a standard fin screw. It is designed with a tighter fit for the fin key. Therefore, the fin key fits firmly in the screw and won't wobble during tightening. This unwanted movement can result in wear and destroy a fin screw with time. Most people probably have already had issues with fin screws where the grip wasn't that good anymore or had problems loosenig the screw after a surf session. Our "long-life" screws reduce that wear.
  • Where is the surfinlock manufactured?
    The surfinlock is manufactured in medium sized high-tech companies in the Munich area and everything is assembled directly in Munich. We try to manufacture as much as possible locally. But not everything is possible. For example, we found out that all renowned lock companies in Europe manufacture their padlocks in Asia. Therefore we also went for this option. After much research and product testing we found a high-quality and very professional Asian lock company with which we started to cooperate with. But then again, details for the padlock, like the anti-scratch cover and the anti-corrosion Tef-Gel are made in Germany.
  • Why didn't you use the leash plug as a fixing point for the surfinlock?
    Theoretically, you could think of a mechanism that works with the leash plug, but it would have several disadvantages: The leash plug is used for the small leash cord, which you'd have to get out first. After having used the lock mechanism you’d have to fumble the cord back in. Nobody likes doing it and you really don’t want to do it frequently. Due to the leash plug design, a security mechanism would have to be relatively thin and therefore be easy to crack. The leash plug is not as deep and strongly laminated into the board as a standard fin plug is. Finally, the connection bar for the leash cord is often quite thin. >> For us, it has never been an option to consider.
  • What are the care instructions if used in a seawater environment?
    Our stainless steel is a wonderful material and made for a life-time. To keep it shiny, keep the following points in mind. Metals and saltwater: For metals saltwater is one of the most aggressive and corrosive media. Even for our high-quality and acid resistant stainless steel we can’t rule out the possibility of a superficial pitting corrosion if left too long in contact with saltwater or salt particles. This won’t weaken the mechanism but might not look pretty. The padlock out of galvanized aluminum needs special care. Care instructions: ➡ To avoid that salt residues stay on the products, rinse it with fresh water after saltwater contact or at least after your surf trip. ➡ Take special care of the padlock, since you don’t want corrosion affecting the mechanism. If in contact with saltwater, wash it off with freshwater at the next opportunity. Also, we recommend greasing the padlock with our anti-corrosion Tef-Gel before using it in a saltwater-environment. Greasing instructions can be found on the hangtag or in the specs pdf document.
  • Do you sell in surf shops or just online?
    You can buy the surfinlock through our online store or you can test and purchase it from the saltwater shops in Hamburg and Sylt. We also just started a collaboration with new travel blog and online shop The perfect site, if you want to plan your next trip, so check it out! We focus on highest quality, manufacture as much as we can locally, assemble with love and want to avoid cheap mass production. A fair product, with low environmental impact for a fair price. Since our company is still small we concentrate on online distribution and will start cooperations with selected shops that share our values and vision.
  • How do I return a product?
    We hope you will be very happy with your product, but of course a return is possible. Within 14 days after reception of the product you can withdraw from the contract. You can send the product back and get a refund. Download the form and follow the instructions. Withdrawal / Widerruf PDF
  • How does the pick-up in Munich work?
    After putting the products in the shopping cart you just select the delivery option "direct pick-up". As soon as you have completed the purchase you will get a mail and we organize a pick-up time and location, either at Munich Eisbach river wave, at the company home in Munich Sommerstrasse or somewhere in between. If you have further questions just use the contact form or write us a email.
  • Which paying methods can I use in your shop?
    You can checkout via PayPal or do credit card payments.
  • I'm an influencer and/or (semi-) professional surfer, like your product and would like to talk about some sort of cooperation. Are you interested?"
    Yes, we are looking for surfinlock ambassadors, especially from Europe. Just drop us a line ( or write us a message on insta or facebook.
  • We would like to take your products in our surf shop portfolio. Are you interested?
    Even if we sell at the moment just in our own online shop we are open for any kind of cooperation. Just contact us at
  • How can I contact you?
    Just use the contact form or drop us a line: You find us also on facebook or Instagram. The phone number is +49 176 78305383.
  • We are a surf school (and/or surf shop) and want to lock many surfboards outside together. Do you have special offers for us?
    Yes, we have special B2B solutions for you. Just write to or use the contact form.
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