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  • surfinlock US Box

(Looplock cable not included)


Introducing the surfinlock US box, designed for use with all boards equipped with a US Box fin system, including longboards, single fin boards, stand-up paddleboards, windsurf boards, and foil boards. This surfinlock is incredibly easy to use - simply insert it into the US fin box and slide the thicker part down to lock it in place. When used with our Looplock cable or any other lock and cable, it cannot be removed. Its compact size allows you to leave your fin in on most boards while locking your board on the roof of your car or anywhere else you need to secure it. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this surfinlock is built to last, keeping your board safe and secure.


Made for: All boards with a US Box fin system (SUPs, longboards, single-fin boards, windsurf boards, foil boards >> see fin guide, if in doubt)

The clever mechanism: Just slide it down!

The cool extra: On most boards, you don’t even have to remove your fin.


Surf or SUP Version

Both US-Box surfinlocks work for all boards with US-Box systems, but if you use it mainly for paddleboards, go for the SUP-optimized version. Together with SUP experts, we have made minor design adaptions, extra optimised for paddleboards with a wider fin slot.



NEW surfinlocks US Box (SUPs, Longboards, Foilboards)

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