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You can already find the new surfinlock versions in our shop!

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Surfing Lock + Fin Lock = surfinlock®

The surfinlock® is a surfboard lock.

The only of its kind.

It's strong, small and easy-to-use.

The best anti-theft surfboard protection.

Go surfing! Take your surfinlock!

Made for a lifetime!

New versions for other boards and SUPs are already in our store!


you love to surf

you love your board

you lock your board

Opportunity makes a thief -
watch your board and
lock it!

to your scooter
to your scooter
press to zoom
to your car
to your car
press to zoom
to your bike
to your bike
press to zoom
outside flat
outside flat
press to zoom
on the beach
on the beach
press to zoom
joint together
joint together
press to zoom

Just lock it anywhere!

it works







1. Insert surfinlock in FCS I or FCS II fin plug

2. Tighten it like a standard fin

3. The magic: cover fin screw

Now lock your board anywhere with a security cable and the surfinlock is not removable anymore!

That's it!

Fast and easy surfboard security with style!


Strong & Safe

Super hard steel and highly effective mechanism.



Insert it in an FCS plug, tighten fin screw, lock it. Easy!

Small & portable

Less than 5cm long. Take it everywhere.

Made in Germany

Locally crafted in best quality.

Best stainless steel

Completely salt water resistant.

Precision work

Manufactured with high-tech CNC and laser machines in Bavaria.

Made for a lifetime

The material and mechanism last forever.

Vast compatibility

Works with padlock shackle and safety cable diameters from 1,5-10mm.


Multi-use board fit

Compatible with 3-fin thruster, 4-fin quad or 5-fin hybrid boards with FCS 1 or 2 fin plugs.

Anti-scratch ledge

The moveable wedge of the surfinlock does not slide directly on the board. It slides over the surface of the surfinlock.

Inovation patent

This innovative invention is protected internationally.


Design meets function! Serving also as a fancy keyring.

Individual finishing

Every surfinlock gets a stone polish at the end.


Integrated bottle opener

Special Add-on - Cheers!

surfinlock features
at a glance

bundle vs. solo

Example_Safety_Cable - 2.jpg

surfinlock bundle

With the surfinlock bundle you get everything you need to lock your board: surfinlock, stainless steel cable & padlock. The special design of our security cable also gives you the opportunity to lock several boards together. Simply equip each surfboard with a surfinlock and fix them one after the other with just a single cable and padlock. This won't be possible with a standard double loop cable and lock.

surfinlock solo

The surfinlock individually is the best choice, if:

  • You already have our Marine Safety Cable and want to lock one more board with it.

  • You already have a different security cable and padlock and want to lock just one board with it.


Find also more info in our FAQ section.

Insta_Mai - 1_edited.jpg

introducing surfinlock Our Kickstarter Video

explaining surfinlock

Local production meets style & function

The surfinlock® is a strong, yet small and easy-to-use surfboard anti-theft protection. It is a worldwide unique surfboard lock and an officially registered invention. Designed and engineered in Germany, it is clever surfboard security with style.
We manufacture this surfing lock locally with precision and love close to the famous Eisbach river wave in Munich - an innovative surf accessory crafted out of the best stainless steel. It's probably the only surf gear you'll buy once and last a lifetime – thats's good for your wallet and that's sustainable.


Since our surf lock is so compact in size, it’s perfect for travelling, thus put it on the packing list when planning your next surf trip! Being able to lock your surfboard means you have one thing less to worry about when leaving it unattended on your van, bike, scooter, on the beach, on the campsite or outside your flat! Unfortunately, thieves are everywhere and opportunity makes a thief, so don't give them a chance to steal your board. Your surf holiday is priceless and your board is a big part of it – better safe than sorry!
Think of the surfinlock as a bicycle lock but just for your surfboard. If you feel better locking your bike, you also feel better locking your board.

And when there is no need to lock your board – just enjoy this little tool as a smart and stylish key ring and use the integrated bottle opener for an after-surf drink.

Learn more about the surfinlock story here!

what surfers say...

Marco, Italy

What an amazing idea!
So small and powerful and it works just perfect.
I will take it to every trip from now on.

Lia, Spain

Thanks to you for this great invention! The truth is, that I always thought that something like this was needed. In fact as soon as I saw it I started telling all my friends about it.

Andi, Germany

For me, the surfinlock is the perfect companion for every surf trip!  When parking in cities you always had to squeeze all the luggage from the roof into the car! With the surfinlock the problem is solved, your boards stay safe, no matter where! A product that every surfer on the road needs 10/10!

Diane, France

Such a practical new surftool and  I can use it very well here on the french coast.
5 out of 5 stars from me!

Isa, Germany

After a good Eisbach session, I can now stay in the city or go wherever and just lock my board to my bike. I used to bring my board  home first before doing something else. But now this hassle is over. Yeah :-).
Thanks a lot surfinlock!

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