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Surf's up, worries down! 

The surfboard anti-theft protection




Like a bicycle lock, but for your beloved boards

The surfinlock is a modular and unique anti-theft board lock. We have several versions with clever and patented systems to secure your surfboardsstand-up paddleboards, and even foil boards. All surfinlocks are made of premium stainless steel and will last a lifetime. It's German quality work.

Not sure about the fin system of your board?

A simple mechanism

For the strongest part of your board


Every surfinlock works on the same principle: first, put it in the fin plug.


Attach a lock or cable, and you cannot remove the surfinlock from the board.


Lock your boards anywhere!

Curious of how exactly each surfinlock works?

Use cases for the surfinlock

It's so versatile - on every trip!


Want more space in your van?

Lock your boards outside and enjoy vanlife to the fullest!

Leave your boards on the roof and lock 'em. Enjoy peace of mind during stopovers on your road trip!

Quick pause after surfing at a shop, a bar, or a cool place. No worries! 


First a SUP tour, then hike around or grab some lunch? Leave and lock your paddleboards. Less carrying, less pumping, less hassle!


You have a trailer or other gear? Lock it all together with your board.


You are in a flat or hostel and don't want to take your wet and sandy boards inside?

Want to cycle to the city after your session? Lock your bike and your surfboard. That's it!


Not sure which board to take to the beach? Bring 'em all, surf one, and lock the other boards together. Enjoy your freedom!

Every surf trip is priceless

Don't let a thief ruin it!

The surfinlock is a small and clever board lock system that should not be missed on your packing list for your next surf holiday.

You might not need this small & powerful anti-theft system all the time. But there will be moments when you're really grateful that you can secure your boards. No thief should be able to spoil your trip. So don't forget your lock!

How do you use yours? Send us pics!

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Beliche, Portugal
Example_Safety_Cable - 4.jpg
Carcans, France
Webseite_Neu_1_23 - 114.jpg
Walchensee, Germany
Webseite_Neu_1_23 - 130.jpg
Balangan, Indonesia
SocialPosts - 5.jpg
Ericeira, Portugal
Webseite_Neu_2_23 - 153 (2)_edited.jpg
Galicia, Spain
Webseite_Neu_1_23 - 165.jpg
Sagres, Portugal
Example_Safety_Cable - 1.jpg
Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
Ammersee, Germany

Crowdfunding ✓

In the summer of 2022 we launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to finance our project. And guess what? We were highly successful with a funding of 264%! 

Have a look at our nice video below!

Surfboard thieves are everywhere

Peace of mind with surfinlock

Unfortunately, surfboard thieves are everywhere, ask around. While no lock is completely foolproof, the surfinlock significantly reduces the risk of board theft. As the saying goes, "opportunity makes a thief," and with the surfinlock, you'll greatly limit that opportunity. Our customers have trusted the surfinlock in popular surf destinations around the world, from France and Portugal to Morocco, Indonesia, Hawaii, Australia, and beyond. Don't let the fear of board theft ruin your surf trip — bring along the surfinlock and enjoy your travels with peace of mind.


The smart & innovative board lock from Munich

Surfin' + Fin Lock = Surfinlock


The surfinlock is a small, strong, and easy-to-pack surfboard lock that provides excellent anti-theft protection for your surf gear. Whether you're planning a short trip to your local break or embarking on a long-distance surf adventure, this functional tool is the perfect companion to keep your surfboard, paddleboard, windsurf, and foil board safe and secure.

Developed by a German engineer near the famous Eisbach river wave in Munich, the surfinlock is made of marine-grade stainless steel and works in conjunction with the strongest part of your board, the fin plug. It is modular and compatible with boards equipped with FCS, Futures, US-Box, and Slide-In fin systems, offering a high level of security against board theft. All versions of the surfinlock are registered with the German patent office, ensuring their unique design.

Don't take any chances with the safety of your gear, pack the surfinlock and enjoy peace of mind during your surf trip. Order yours today!

Read more about our story here!

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