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The story

Hi Everybody,

nice to see you here!
My name is Flo, I'm an engineer, product designer and enthusiastic surfer. I would like to invite you to discover my surfinlock story:


The idea of a surfboard anti theft protection was born just before a trip to France in 2018. I had an Octavia estate wagon with a built-in sleeping area in the back, but also a new surfboard and a new girlfriend to take with me. With no space for three to sleep inside the car, I quickly ran into a dilemma! Who was going to sleep outside?

surfinlock founder Flo
first surf trip with surfinlock

There was clearly no ideal solution, so my brain started to work and I came up with the initial idea of a surfboard lock for fin plugs and made the first prototypes. And guess what? It worked a treat on this trip! No more worries about surfboard theft when leaving the board outside. It is an unfortunate fact, that thieves are everywhere, especially if you give them an easy opportunity. But my board was well secured next to my car and we could sleep carefree in the cosy bed with enough space for two. It was brilliant!

Around one year later, I also took this surfing lock to Indonesia for a longer surf trip. And again, I couldn’t imagine how I was travelling without this surf lock before.

Now I could take 2 boards with a scooter to a beach and then, depending on the conditions, decide which board to take out. And what’s more, after a good session I could even go directly exploring, hiking or to a beach bar leaving the board locked to my scooter without having to worry about it. What a new freedom!

On my trips I met many people and I got so much positive feedback about the lock that I decided to put it on the market. That’s where the real journey began!

surfinlock prototypes

Of course, the next steps were challenging – more prototypes, bureaucracy, patent-law, getting production processes running, just to name few of them. And how should you call this surfboard anti theft protection? Actually this one was easy, since a surfing lock for fin plugs has to be called surfinlock 😉.  So now I am here with my new start-up and very proud of it.

For the surfinlock design, I put a lot of emphasis on making it simple, functional, stylish and portable. Also, my choice was to manufacture it locally and fair with the best quality and precision. 

I’m very pleased with the outcome and hope you will love the surfinlock as much as I do!

Thanks, take care, stay safe and enjoy!
Your Flo

surfinlock founder
surfinlock founder takes a barrel
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