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surfinlock Original FCS

(Looplock cable not included)


Introducing the surfinlock Original FCS, our first and original surfboard locking system designed to work with all boards featuring FCS 1 and FCS 2 fins - just like our new surfinlock FCS. We focused on creating a lock that was as small as possible, without sacrificing strength or security. The result is a precision CNC-milled lock that goes through several elaborate production processes, making it a bit more expensive than our newer design. The surfinlock Original FCS and the surfinlock FCS both use the same clever mechanism of covering the screw. The choice between the two is up to your preference. Regardless of your choice, both locks are made from super hard, high-quality stainless steel to provide long-lasting protection for your board.


Made for: All boards with FCS I or FCS II fins (see fin guide, if in doubt)

The clever mechanism: Cover the screw!

The cool extra: did you spot the integrated bottle opener?

    surfinlock original (for FCS I & II plugs)

    SKU: 001
    39,90 €Price
    VAT Included
      • Strong & safe
      • Easy-to-use
      • Small & portable
      • Made in Germany
      • Best stainless steel
      • Precision work
      • Made for a lifetime
      • Vast padlock compatibility
      • Multi-Use thruster/quad fit
      • Anti-scratch ledge
      • Int. registered in patent offices (utility model)
      • Design work
      • Individual surface finishing
      • Extra bottle opener

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